I’m Rochelle Moaddel (yes, it rhymes). I’m a mother, wife, full-time professional, and athlete; that’s in no particular, ever-changing order.

lea_wolf-90-of-90.jpgI like to push limits – not all the limits but many. I work my butt off to “have it all”: to be a fully present mother, to be an intentional and loving wife, to have a successful career, to have meaningful relationships and to take the time to nurture them, to host fun parties, to have and enjoy a well kept home, and to love and enjoy my body for all it can do.

I started this blog to share my journey of training for Ironman while pregnant. Read more about my decision between Training for Ironman vs. having a baby. Spoiler alert: I decided to do both! I’m continuing my blog through my postpartum journey as I train for the Chicago marathon with the hopes of PRing at 9 months postpartum.