Ironman Training Pregnant: Race Prep + Week 20


Heading into race week and my 20th week of pregnancy, I was swinging between thinking “I wonder how far I make it on the bike before dropping-out” and “I can complete Ironman pregnant!” I’m far less prepared than I was last year and I’m racing with the side effects of growing a human. I’m not quite sure how that washes out on race day. My coach feels confident I can complete the bike (before the cut off) if I keep moving forward. The wild card, however, is if I’ll have the will to keep moving forward.

My coach asks us to prepare a race plan in preparation for races which forced me to decide how I was going to approach race day and what my plan was going to be. My plan, I determined, is to finish Ironman. Here are the specific estimated times I’m planning for:

Swim – 1:30
T1 – 0:10
Bike – 8:00
T2 – 0:05
Run – 5:00

Of course, I’ll need to be ready to change my plan mid-race, but this is a great, optimistic place to start.


img_8240.jpgMy husband came home this Thursday and I’m so glad he’s home and safe. We have been working through the transition of him coming home, though. He’s on Beijing time which is 13 hours ahead and he’s very jet-lagged. This makes for a groggy husband all day and a tossing-and-turning husband at night.

He accompanied me to the terrace today and we dropped of my bike and transition bags. Last year I did this task alone, and actually spent the whole day alone, but the company today was great!



Since I did this last year too, I guess we can call it a tradition now. Amidst the pre-race jitters last year, I conquered the nerves by reframing my perspective around gratitude. I spent a chunk of the day thinking about those most instrumental in getting me to race day, picked out flowers, and hand delivered them to those “sherpas” around town. It was a wonderful way to spend the day and it helped focus my anxious energy in a more productive way.

Last year, most of the flowers went to training buddies who had helped me physically prepare throughout the year. This year’s journey was a bit different. I did a majority of my long workouts alone (due to my slowing speed) and the biggest obstacles I faced were mostly mental (though there were plenty of physical ones too!) Today, I felt the most grateful to those who supported me and encouraged me to be confident in myself. Those are the folks who never told me I should or shouldn’t; they told me I could and asked if I wanted to.

I am so grateful for my community of supporters and for my capable body that enables me to start tomorrow’s race. No matter how the day goes, I committed to enjoying it and soaking in the experience. I’m off to bed for a good night’s rest before tomorrow’s big adventure.

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