Ironman Training Pregnant: Week 19


Swim: 1:00
Bike: 4:30
Run: 1:30

TOTAL: 7:00


I had another check-up with my midwife this week. I shared my concerns with my light-headedness and dizziness. She agreed that I probably needed to eat more and that my instincts of eating even though I wasn’t hungry were good. She encouraged I stay in-tune with my body in that way and consider eating when I’m not hungry during and after extraneous or long workouts. Overall, she wasn’t concerned at all.

I mentioned my disappointing performance from last weekend and how I seem to be loosing my “grit” or will to complete a long bike ride. My midwife suggested that the general relaxing of my body (loosening hips, decreased drive) may be more linked to a hormonal change than anything else. Maybe she’s right. I’m not sure what that means for race day, but I guess we’ll see.



This was a busy work week with many evenings spent working. I made sure to take time to relax and destress. I started a bit of an evening ritual after Oliver went to bed: an epsom salt bath with an episode of Sex and the City and a snack.

After a party I hosted on Thursday night, I began to feel crummy. Convinced it was allergies, I continued on as normal: early mornings, going to work, staying up late to work. I was wrong, though.


I slept terribly Friday night and when I woke up I was convinced I had a cold (not allergies). I skipped Saturday’s bike ride in lieu of rest. Oliver and I ventured out to buy some puzzles – an activity I could still do with a cold. Fortunately, he

got sleepy in the afternoon and we both went down for a long afternoon nap.

By Sunday, I felt better enough for my scheduled shorter long-run of an hour. I felt a bit sluggish, but overall it was enjoyable and I was glad I did it.


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