Ironman Training Pregnant: Week 17


Swim: 1:30
Bike: 6:00
Run: 2:00
TOTAL: 9:30


Courtesy of Daniel Tiger, I have a catchy little tune “rest is best” playing in my head. It’s true, though, rest is the best thing when you’re sick. In addition to taking last weekend off to rest and recover, I also took Monday through Wednesday off of this week. My training hours are WAY lower than they were this week last year (when I was also training for Ironman) – I had over 13 hours of training in the bag 4 weeks out from Ironman last year. I think resting was the right thing to do and I came back on Thursday feeling mostly back to normal.



Just before Friday’s long run with baby on board.

My husband and I don’t get to talk to frequently these days (since he’s traveling across 1/2 the world and has intermittent access to internet).  When I shared with him the story of The OB who made me doubt training for Ironman, he was somewhat concerned but didn’t voice much to me at the time. When we talked this week, he mentioned that the Dr.’s concerns (which were really unsolicited advice – and not backed by research or science) were causing him to worry. He asked me “just don’t push it this weekend, OK?” I laughed and told him that I was most certainly going to push it. I was going to work hard to achieve my goal but that I’d of course listen to my body and not put myself or baby at risk. I sent my husband a video of me rubbing my belly before my long run this weekend – reminding him that we’re both OK.


My weekend didn’t go according to plan and I’m still working through the disappointment. I completed a 2 hour run as scheduled on Friday after work (originally planned for Saturday, but rescheduled due to a busy schedule on that day). Last year, the same run was completed at a 9:10 pace — this year I was down to a 10:30 pace. While my pace was slower than my previous two long runs (13.5 miles at 10:00/mile and 13 miles at 9:20/mile), I got it done and felt OK about it.

img_7706.jpgSaturday was a wonderful and busy day with Oliver. He had a triathlon in the morning (look at that race face!) and a birthday party in the afternoon. I didn’t have any workouts on the docket for Saturday and instead enjoyed my time with family.

Sunday was the big “race simulation” day. This is the biggest training day of the season and includes a short open water swim, a full Ironman bike ride (all 112 miles), and a short transition run. Last year I only completed 73 miles at 15mph and this year I completed even less: 66 miles at 13.5mph. This year I took many more breaks to rest my hurting feet and get blood flowing back into them and I’m also MUCH slower (especially up hills) this year. I got to the point where my feet were hurting and requiring a break every ~5 miles. I lost ambition to finish the last 40+ miles with that many breaks – so I threw in the towel and called it a day.

I feel like a quitter – I am a quitter (I did quit). I’m working on being OK with quitting, though, and being kind to myself. I’m also working through not always achieving your goals (*gulp*).



This has been hard for me – and I’ve shed many a tears thinking about not finishing the bike course on Ironman day. I continue to remind myself of all the benefits I’ve been the recipient of throughout my training experience: I feel great, I’m motivated to continue working out, I’ve met wonderful like-minded women, and I’ve gained confidence in spite of the “nay sayers”. I also remind myself that it feels hard because what I’m doing is hard.

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