Ironman Training Pregnant: Week 16


Swim: 1:00
Bike: 0:30
Brick: 1:45
TOTAL: 3:15


Those stats from this week are not a typo. I barely worked out at all. My grandmother passed away last week and her funeral and service were scheduled for Thursday and Friday this week. I made the cross-country trip to pay my respects. I’m so grateful I made the trip, but it did mean I traveled across the country and back in less than 48 hours. Looking back now, it was a bit foolish and too much in too little time but I was trying to do it all: I wanted to miss as little work as possible, still attend a wedding on Saturday, and get in my long, important training workouts in.


Here we are before the wedding of Oliver’s wonderful former nanny.

I planned to get some workouts in while out of town, but texted my coach shortly after arriving (exhausted) letting her know I was going to be skipping all workouts and complete my Saturday/Sunday key, long workouts on Sunday/Monday when I returned. She was 100% onboard with my plan. On Friday, I started to feel sick – I had a scratchy throat and stuffy nose. I thought maybe I just had allergies worse in Nevada, allergies that my allergy medicine wasn’t quite kicking. On Saturday, I continued to feel crummy but was optimistic that with plenty of rest, I’d be back to my normal self by Sunday – ready to kick-off my long training sessions.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling the worst yet. I woke up to eat breakfast and thought through my options. I decided to go back to bed and see if additional rest curbed the symptoms. After a 2 hour nap, I woke up and hit the road on my bike, ready for a 4 hour ride. I made it 20 minutes before deciding I wasn’t quite up for a workout and rest was best. I headed home and got back into bed, after talking to my coach first. (I needed her reassurance that I was making an OK choice and not sabotaging Ironman; she was very encouraging of me resting and “throwing in the towel” on the weekend workouts. I spent the majority of the day resting and am glad I did.

I’ll continue to rest until I feel back to my normal self (hopefully early next week). In the meantime, I’m focusing on all the preparation I’ve done already and reminding myself that missing one training weekend will not make or break my ability to finish Ironman this year.


16 weeks

I’m back to eating dairy full-time and I’m so happy! I met with my PCP, and she ordered two blood tests: one that day and one at the peak of the inflammation/bloating. We scheduled the second blood draw for Monday morning, I’ll obviously be rescheduling until next Monday. Next Sunday is “Ironman simulation day” (30 minute swim + full bike course + 60 minutes run). I’m confident my symptoms will be in full swing by next Monday – ready for an informative blood test.


While visiting family this week, many cousins (who didn’t know I was pregnant) asked if I was. I guess I’m showing a bit more than I realized. Here’s a photo of me while out of town – I guess I am showing.

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