Ironman Training Pregnant: Week 15


Swim: 1:00
Bike: 7:30
Run: 4:30
TOTAL: 13:00


The dairy-free trial is ongoing; I haven’t noticed a change in my inflammation or generally how I feel. I still experienced swelling after Saturday’s long bike ride and ~3 lbs of weight gain. During Sunday’s run I had to make so many pee stops – it got to the point where I was peeing ever 2 miles or so. It felt as though everything I drank was going straight through me. I have an appointment next week to meet with my PCP about this in more detail. I started to get a bit concerned during Sunday’s run.


Both biopsies taken last week came back cancer-free – pfew! When the OB’s nurse called to share the lab results, she shared “an extra note” that the OB “strongly discouraged” me from doing Ironman. The details of that encounter and my emotional reaction is documented in more depth in The OB who made me doubt training for Ironman.



I never want to do the easy “flush your legs” bike ride after long runs, but I always feel better if I do (less sore the next day). I typically do a loop or two through the arboretum near our house.

This weekend was a challenging one. I got to a pretty dark place on the bike. After only about 35 miles, my feet started to fall asleep and then throb. I took many, many stops – at the end I was stopping every 7 miles. During my stops, I take my feet out of my shoes and give them ~3 minutes to regulate. I tried to embrace the stops and I’d lay down on the side of the road watching the beautiful sky. It was hard, though, because it was so frustrating. And I was alone. And I’m so much slower than I used to be. I’m not quite sure what it is but I cannot attack hill climbs like I used to. I’m fearful I may not make the bike cutoff for Ironman – what a waste all this training would be! My transition run was quick, though!

My long run was interesting (see the inflammation and peeing details above). I was slower but overall it was OK and I got though it without any self-doubt or deprecation.

When I got home from Sunday’s run, my mom was playing with Oliver and they encouraged me to take a shower and a nap. After an hour nap, I awoke to discover the house was clean, laundry was done, and food was in the fridge. That meant Oliver and I could spend the afternoon together worry-free! We went to a local bakery for treats and played board games, I walked while he biked around the neighborhood, we watched a movie, and generally had a great afternoon together – a special treat during Ironman Augusts. Thanks, mom!

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