Ironman Training Pregnant: First Trimester

IMG_6334There was a lot of sleeping in my first trimester: earlier bedtimes and more frequent naps (and even sometimes with company!)

Week 3

Looking back at my post-training comments, I was complaining of stomach issues and fatigue even though I didn’t know I was pregnant yet. Otherwise, it was a normal week

Swim: 2:00
Bike: 4:00
Run: 2:50
TOTAL: 8:50

Week 4

I didn’t know I was pregnant until the end of this week. I skipped quite a few workouts early on in the week – I remember feeling like I just couldn’t squeeze it all in.

Swim: 0:00
Bike: 2:15
Run: 1:00
TOTAL: 3:15

Week 5

Baby-baby in the carrier

Oliver was the first person I told the good news to. Within days, “baby-baby” had made a comeback as did the ergo carrier.

Nausea and fatigue were in full swing this week. I was feeling quite crummy most of the time. On a particularly terrible day, I left the office for a run break and it really turned the day around. Getting my heart rate up seemed to curb the nausea and even give me more energy.

Swim: 0:30
Bike: 3:00
Run: 2:45
TOTAL: 6:15

Week 6

Another tough week with a lot of nausea and I was always tired. Mornings were especially challenging as I tried to cram a protein shake down and get myself motivated to start the day. I skipped all my swims that week – just no motivation to get in the water.

Swim: 0:00
Bike: 0:30
Run: 3:00
Brick: 1:45
TOTAL: 5:15

Week 7


On our way home from a long, hot, Sunday run, Oliver spotted a picnic table down a trail and requested we come back for a picnic dinner. So we did!

This may have been the worst week of nausea. One morning I felt so terrible and I thought about calling in to work. Instead, I took Oliver out in the stroller for a 20 minute run. I felt like I was dragging the whole time (and I was definitely slow) but it curbed the nausea. By Saturday, though, my long bike of 40 miles felt quite good; even enjoyable (which is not typical for me).

Swim: 0:00
Bike: 4:20
Run: 3:00
TOTAL: 6:20

Week 8

This week I started to feel better. My long bike ride jumped to 58 miles and it was challenging – not enjoyable like last week’s. I still managed to crank out a sub-9:00 pace on my long run, though. That was a win! I was feeling more like myself again.

Swim: 1:00
Bike: 4:50
Run: 2:40
Brick: 1:50
TOTAL: 10:20

Week 9

My sweet nap companion

After a Saturday long bike ride, I needed a quick nap on the couch. Oliver offered to rub my feet as I fell asleep. This is what I woke up to.

I committed to training for Ironman this week. With a 58 mile bike under my belt + my long run pace holding steady + the nausea and fatigue lessening, I was feeling more confident. On Sunday, my triathlon team headed up to Devil’s Lake for a 1.2 mile swim; I felt exhausted after and headed home without doing my planned long hike/run. I postponed my long run to Monday of next week and took 2 naps instead.

Bike: 5:30
Run: 1:20
TOTAL: 7:40

Week 10

I did two long runs this week (one on Monday making up for last week’s skipped one). Both were strong performances showing that I’m not slowing down on the run (yet). We had family in town over the weekend and when I headed out for my long bike on Saturday, I had a bad attitude. I headed out fully packed with nutrition and prepared for a 70 mile solo ride. Instead, I biked around the block, crawled back into bed, and went to brunch with our visiting family. I’m still working on not feeling guilty for decisions like this, but I think it was the right call.

Swim: 0:50
Bike: 1:30
Run: 4:15
TOTAL: 6:35

Week 11

Week 11

No one else noticed the growing belly yet, but I noticed the snugger jeans. Enter: maternity jeans!

By now I was feeling completely back to my normal self; I sometimes forgot I was pregnant. I got a great training week in and felt great too.

Swim: 1:40
Bike: 6:50
Run: 2:30
TOTAL: 11:00

Week 12

I spent the week tapering in preparation for the Door County Half Iron. I felt truly like myself (not pregnant at all) and experienced the normal anxiousness the precedes a race. For more information about baby and me and our race day experience, you can read Half Iron at 12 Weeks Pregnant.

Swim: 1:10
Bike: 0:40
Run: 0:50
Brick: 2:00
Race (70.3 w/ 400yd swim): 5:40
TOTAL: 10:20

Week 13

The first part of this week was spent recovering from Ironman and resting up. By the time the weekend came, though, we were back to full-blown training. The workout for this weekend reminded me what the next 6 weeks is going to be: long weekends of working out. Saturday was an almost 4 hour bike ride and Sunday was a 2.5 mile open water swim + a 2 hour hike/run. I made it through the weekend but I felt more sore and tired than I did after Ironman last week. I’m getting a little slower on the bike (especially the hills) but overall I have my energy back and am feeling great.

Swim: 2:20
Bike: 5:10
Run: 2:00
TOTAL: 9:30

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